easescreen Announces Technical Partnership with Quividi

easescreen is expanding its leading Digital Signage solution with innovative Audience & Context -Aware Platform

Graz, June 8, 2016. easescreen, an international manufacturer of Digital Signage solutions from Austria, announces a global technical partnership with Quividi. Quividi with headquarter in Paris, France, provides the leading Audience & Context Aware platform for digital out-of-home (DOOH) and digital signage. Its anonymous video analytics (AVA) platform accurately counts and qualifies audiences in real time. Thanks to Quividi, media owners, agencies and brands can create contextual dynamic campaigns that resonate with the viewers, and can measure the precise impact of their communication strategies.

Gerhard Pichler, Sales Director at easescreen: "The demand for Audience Measurement solutions is growing, and we are pleased to have the market leader in this field at our side. Both companies are excellently situated to offer a perfectly matched and innovative, comprehensive solution. With the continuous development of the easescreen core product and the integration of third-party solutions, we’re ideally positioned to address future technical challenges and individual, customer requirements in the Digital Signage environment."

"The integration with easescreen is part of Quividi’s strategy to partner with the best vendors across the industry, in order to make digital signage a more responsive and more accountable medium,“ explains Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phuc, CEO, Quividi. "With the combination of easescreen and Quividi technologies, even more network operators and brands will be able to measure precisely the impact of their content as well as create context responsive campaigns designed for diverse audience groups".

easescreen is a powerful modular Digital Signage software with an intuitive and user-friendly user interface. With easescreen digital advertising and information systems can be created, managed and distributed comfortably for any number of networked displays on an individual basis. The audiovisual and interactive media content can be controlled, scheduled and updated automatically and/or manually in real-time - from one’s workplace as well as from mobile devices.

Thanks to the interface developed for Quividi, the Audience Measurement solution can be integrated completely into easescreen as an add-on product. Using the evaluated data analysis, the effectiveness and the success of advertising content can be tracked and compared in detail, and trends can be identified, thereby enabling the possibility to correct processes. Moreover, it is possible to define specific audience parameters interactively as a trigger, making it possible to display different content to younger or older viewers, or males or females, for example. Thereby, on the basis of evaluations, informed decisions can be made and more effective audience campaigns designed.

The main areas for Digital-out-of-Home campaigns are shopping centers, consumer and specialized trade markets, supermarket and gastronomy chains, airports and rail stations, as well as fairs and major events.

easescreen is available in 80 countries. The Digital Signage solution is marketed in Europa, Africa, North and South America, as well as in the Middle East by distributors, system integrator and partners. Furthermore, Quividi operates in Asia.

About easescreen

easescreen is a digital signage solution with a modular software structure for limitless application possibilities, ranging from automatically updating electronic posters of all sizes, interactive terminals to managing large trans-regional screen networks. With easescreen, multimedia content is controlled, planned and distributed in one single application - intuitive to use, directly from the workplace. The manufacturer of easescreen software is Pichler Medientechnik, headquartered in Graz and Vienna, Austria, who has developed and accompanied projects focusing on digital signage worldwide since 1996. easescreen is not tied to any industry at all and is used in wholesale and retail, in industry, transport, also health and education, in the public sector, museums, as well as in hotels and gastronomy. easescreen is one of the leading Austrian Digital Signage solutions and is in use at well-known customers such as Allianz, AVL List, Boing, Casinos Austria, Heineken, OMV, Post AG, Rewe, Siemens, universities throughout Europe, Vodafone or in many bank institutions worldwide. www.easescreen.com

About Quividi
Created in 2006, Quividi provides the #1 Audience & Context Aware platform for digital out-of-home (DOOH) and Digital Signage, with 500 end-customers and 500+ million people analyzed every month in 50+ countries. Quividi’s Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) certifies viewership and analyzes the demographics and mood of the audience, while fully respecting personal privacy. It helps screen network operators, agencies, and advertisers create context responsive campaigns designed for diverse audience groups and receive precise performance reports. Operating in real time, it paves the way for programmatic efficiency gain. www.quividi.com
Twitter: @quividi

Press Contact
Mag. (FH) Daniela Haidinger, easescreen, Head of Marketing, Phone: +43.699.10101117, d.haidinger@easescreen.com
Denis Gaumondie, Quividi, Phone +33 6 29 54 63 25, dgaumondie@quividi.net,