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Schnepel is a manufacturer and distributor of furniture and accessories for consumer electronics. The east-westfalian family business was founded in 1969 in Hüllhorst and has got more than 70 employees today. After the slogan “Timeless German Quality” high-quality hand-made furniture-series are produced in Hüllhorst-Oberbauerschaft. Since 40 years Schnepel is the distributor of Vogel’s-Products throughout Germany. Vogel’s is the leading vendor in Europe for high-quality solutions in the section of mounting systems for flat screens and projectors as well as mounting- and protecting systems for tablets.



Vogel’s history and future
What began as a personal quest for perfection has evolved into an internationally successful company that manufactures a highly distinctive range of mounts and support systems for audio and video equipment. Vogel’s products combine versatile functionality and robust performance with sleek design.

Since 1973, Vogel’s solutions have been based on the talent and commitment of people who care passionately about the products they create and the customers who use them. Since developing the world’s first loudspeaker mount in 1973, we have produced a steady stream of award-winning solutions that make people’s lives more enjoyable.

Today, Vogel’s is well known for our outstanding line of mounting solutions for TVs, audio-video equipment and tablets. You will find Vogel’s everywhere: not only in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, but also in major airports, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, football stadiums and hospitals. All products are developed to provide an extra dimension of personal comfort for today and tomorrow. Discover more at 

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